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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Academic Travel Services arrange motorcoach and/or airline transportation for our group?
A: Yes! Academic Travel Services will be glad to arrange transportation for your group via motorcoach or air.

Q: Does Academic Travel Services offer trip insurance?
A: Yes! Academic Travel Services offers Travel Protection Plans that are specifically tailored to and priced for the student group market through our partner Travel Insured International. ATS has a tailor-made webpage through Travel Insured that will give you options and net rate costs based on your level of coverage and length/cost of your group travel program. The webpage address is available from your Travel Consultant.

Q: Are my group’s deposits protected?
A: Academic Travel Services is in good standing with SYTA, the premier association of prestigious student tour operators. ATS offers a great Professional Liability insurance policy as well as a Professional Errors and omissions insurance policy as further protection.

Q: Can payments be made Online with credit card?
A: YES! Academic Travel Services has an online payment portal that individuals may use to make payments.  To make a payment you will need the following information: Participants Name, Destination, School Name, Group Leader’s Name, and Group Tour Code. Below is a Web Link to the payment Web Page:

Q: What is the minimum number of people required to be considered a group?
A: In order to provide the best price and service for your group we suggest a minimum of 20 paying participants per group for all destinations.

Q: Does Academic Travel Services offer adjudication Festivals?
A: Although Academic Travel Services is not a festival company, we routinely add a quality adjudicated, competitive festival performance opportunity for our groups with such distinguished festival companies as: Music In the Parks, American Classic Festivals, Festivals of Music, Festival Disney, Dixie Classics, FiestaVal, Music Showcase, Music Festivals, Heritage Music Festivals, Performing Arts Consultants, Smokey Mountain Music Festivals and many others for an additional cost per person.

Q: Why use Academic Travel Services to coordinate our festival trip?
A: We include most of your meals in the package; We include attraction admission costs in your package; A local tour guide/escort is assigned solely to your group for the entire trip; We help you arrange your touring so that you maximize your time and money; Since we work with several different festival companies, you have a choice of festival company on a given weekend.

Q: When comparison shopping, what should I look for?
A: Always determine what is included in the trip price! Many times prices differ because not all the attractions, meals, and inclusions are the same. Pay close attention to the type of meals, hotels, complimentary packages and attractions that are included. Academic Travel Services always lists the trip inclusion clearly on the trip proposal. If you are not completely sure of the inclusions please call your trip planners to discuss any aspect of your groups proposal.

Q: What is a Number Variation Fee (empty seat charge)?
A: The Number Variation Fee is the attrition fee for the persons who dropped out of the trip from the contracted number used to determine the motorcoach cost and the tour director cost per person.For example: If the contract stated 40 paying persons and the final number of paying travelers is 36 persons with a motorcoach cost of $75.00pp and a tour director cost of $25.00pp, the Number Variation Fee is $100.00 x 4 seats = $400.00 charged to the total trip cost.

Q: What are Room Supplement Fees?
A: Academic Travel Services uses the 4 persons per room formula to determine the hotel cost per person in the individual trip price. It is impossible to know how rooming list is going to develop, so the room supplement fee is employed to make up the difference for any missing persons. For example: If the room charge per person on a two night trip is $50.00 (4 per room) the triple room supplement (3 persons in the room / 1 missing person) is $50.00. If you have only 2 paying persons in the room (double room), the supplement is $100.00. If there is only one paying person in a room (single room), the supplement is $150.00.

Q: Are airline baggage fees included in the trip cost?
A: Academic Travel Services can not include the cost of baggage fees in the trip cost. There is no way to know how many bags your group will be checking and baggage fees must be paid when the bag is checked at the airport. It is best to prepare your group to pay for baggage fees for any checked bags (each way to/from home) so that there are no surprises. You can find the baggage fees for each airline by following the links below:

Q: Can airfare cost increase after I sign the Travel Agreement and pay my first deposit?
A: Only the Base Airfare can be guaranteed. However, taxes and fuel surcharges are estimated and may fluctuate prior to ticketing. If there is an increase in taxes or surcharges, Academic Travel Services can pass these increases on to the trip participants after the Travel Agreement has been signed and the first deposit has been paid. Once ticketed, airfare cost can not be increased unless you or your group requests a change in the flight schedule.


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